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ShreSkinz - Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 8

Kalaii Griffin II - CEO/Founder Of ShredSkinz.
Watch Kalaii make a deal with investor and seasoned entrepreneur Mark Cuban. While we could tell you more about the deal, we say go watch the episode to find out the details.

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Why Sauna Suits?

A sauna suit is a specialized garment designed to trap body heat, elevating the body's core temperature during workouts. This increase in temperature leads to enhanced sweating, mimicking the effects of being in a traditional sauna.

The primary goal? To boost the intensity of workouts, aid in weight loss, and offer a range of health benefits.

The effectiveness of a sauna suit lies in its specialized material. At a glance, it might seem like any other piece of workout clothing, but the science and engineering behind it are what set it apart.

Sauna suits, especially those from ShredSkinz, are not just a fitness fad. They're backed by science and have been shown to offer several benefits: