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This works!

These are amazing! Instantly when I put it on, and I start sweating even before I start my cardio I really feel like this maximize my workout.

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
andy purrinos
Product is great

Love them helps me sweat alot on my work out love to lose that extra water weight


These babies work perfectly. My football team gets a huge sweat and they love it. Well I love it. Well done!


These are so effective and also a great conversation starter. I’m not a huge “sweater” during my workouts but these have me soaked by the end of my workouts. Highly recommend to anyone who is trying to loose some of the extra water weight they might be carrying and to just get in a great sweat on your next workout

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Nicholas Serpa
Great quality and looks great!

I was very satisfied with the quality of the material. Was not cheap or thin feeling at all. You could use more than once if wanted to. Did what it said it would do, made me sweat! Also the design of the hoodie looks great for home workouts or any gym!

Durability quality

Please advised customers to use caution when applying the suit. I ripped my first one but the remaining suits provided an intense workout.

Head opening to small

Overall ok. Opening for head is too small.

As Advertised

Love the Suits, they are definitely as good as advertised. I’m about to order the 20 Pack. Only thing I don’t really like is how short the arms are, but still a great product

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Laura Balfour
One time

I haven’t use them, my only complaint is the one time used

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Muhammad Azem

Muhammad Azem


Got the job down. I will buy again and appreciate th fast shipping

Getting your sweat on

Love this product helps me get that extra burn and sweat going on my work out .absolutely perfect product

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Lorenzo Sandoval

I love the skin before when I would work out I couldn’t sweat, now that I got the skin I been sweating all that water weight and I love how it helps with my work out I recommend everyone to use if people wanna lose weight

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Sherrard Thomas
Great Product

Works like a charm! My wife lose 9lbs in a week to jump start her weight lost. Really makes you feel like you been working out.

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Dymond Smaugh

Cute and hot ...lol... I wear it under my Islamic attire and all I can say is ... I stay sweating ....I need to get the wrap

Great product

Really works!

I’ve tried other methods to help me sweat more and they’ve done ok, but I shed more inches and even a few pounds quicker since using shredskinz! I will be ordering more , because I’m running low

Awesome ShredWrap

It holds and looks much better than Saran Wrap it’s durable and easy to use


Easy to use and it works great

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Montrel Newson
Great product

Down 38 pounds with the help of Shredskins great product


I love it. I wear it to work im a CNA and Med Aide so I move around alot I'm down 20lbs will be buying again

Love it!

This is a phenomenal product and it’s helped me in my workouts tremendously! Also I’m a former UTEP Miner so it’s great to see us doing such amazing things thats as successful as this!

ShredSkinz (5 and 10 Packs)

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Michael mabon
Good product

This works perfect i do 12 laps a day , 4 laps walking 🚶‍♂️ & 8 bike laps . I put it on tore a hole in it & it still did its job the results were good cant wait to get .bike fix so i can get back to my normal workout. Last year i lost 126llbs all i did was veggitable & fruit diet , cleanse twice a day & stay working out & the weight fell off . So now im going for another 100llbs to lose 🙃 yup.

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Vounder Perkins

ShredSkinz (5 and 10 Packs)