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love the sweat!!
like the stitching on the wrist as well as around the waistline! definitely going to order more!

Dripping all over the floor... in a good way!!

I love my Pink Shredz... I love all the sweat just as much! Thank you for making it cute while being gross. Lol

Sweat Gear

As Described ‼️ Gives a great sweat 💧

I love them.

I got them for my wife. But I took them over lol. I’m going to order more when they restock.

Excellent service

They have great customer service very knowledgeable will get back to you as soon as possible sometimes within minutes of your question and the product is great fits me who is a bigger person usually wear a 6XL and this fits pretty well it gives you a good sweat your dripping by the time you’re done working out great product and great service give them a try

I love the fact that I can wear and toss after my workouts. You will definitely sweat in these.

Love it!!!!!

You'll always have a customer!!!

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)

Love them

I love it!!

I would definitely buy again! Soo worth it!!!

I ordered the 5 pack just to see if I’d get more out of my workouts... can’t wait until their back in stock though. Have to get at least 30 days worth


These little “you just wasting your money” are Amazing!! I just started working out at a gym so I decided to try ShredSkinz to increase the sweat. Let me tell you it did that and some more. I had to stop wearing it to the gym because everybody could tell where I’ve been from the sweat spots on the floor. It appears that it’s coming from the sleeves but that haven’t stop me from wearing them. I use them now only when doing cardio to get that sweat in. My first order was for 5 pack and then I placed a second order for the 20 pack. The ShredSkinz are Amazing!!!

Great product !

Great purchase!

I loved my shredskins. They helped boost my workouts and I have started seeing results already! I was disappointed to find out they were out of stock. Can’t wait to purchase more!

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)

very satisfied

I really enjoyed the merchandise. It helped me sweat alot while i was walking. I'll ordee more later.

Happy customer

Love them.


Absolutely love these! I would wear them every time I workout if they were not sold out. I walked 6 miles wearing the black and had no issues. The sweat just poured out and it's not even warm yet! I'll be buying these up when stock is in. Great job Shredskinz! 👏👌


It works great! A good sweat

Love them

Love how much I sweat

Two thumbs up!

The sweat is real!

Pricey for Qualitty

I really enjoyed the Shredskinz don’t get me wrong. I’ll likely be ordering more when they are in stock. However they are not great for bigger people. The arms are to short, and the price point is far from ideal. I wish they’d make them cheaper, it’s not sustainable to buy. Make it a sustainable price point. I may order one more time but I won’t be ordering consistently because of the cost.

definitely worth it

very pleased, did sweat way more than usual, just be gentle when putting it on, it can easily tear.


really helps you have a better work out