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The best!!!!


Was to big

Great sauna suit

Easy to use!! Great one time use product!

Great Product!

Got a really great sweat with this on during my workout!

Gets the job done.

I use the shredskinz on my cardio/core focused days and I've been able to burn an additional 300-400 calories in my workouts. I've definitely become a loyal customer. I enjoy that the product is disposable and recyclable.

I really like it and so does my sister and brother I showed them and they want to buy some more.


Love the fact that you can just throw it away after every use. Gives you a great sweat for the time put in 💪🏽

Works great

I love these .... they work so good and I swear EVERYTIME ... even wearing it around the house doing errands

Love love love

Amazingly cool and soft

Love it gets the job done & ill recommend it to others

Good 👍

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)

Great product !!!

This product is amazing, I needed something to make me sweat and I have to say that this product does just that... it will leave you drenched in sweat! Will definitely be buying more.

So amazing. Def makes you break a sweat.

5 star

5 star , it could be alittle bigger for the bigger people

Killer sweat!

Well made and make water shredding ez


These things are so dope. I can’t wait to get more !!

They’re so dope

My most favorite - I’ll def be a repeat customer for a while

Love it!!

Shredskinz are great!!! Love the hoodie feature. It allows that heat to stay locked in so you can really break a sweat. Definitely worth buying!!

First time buyer

I honestly didn’t think it was gonna work but I’m so happy that I purchased this it works really good and I have lost weight using I would definitely be buying more


It’s funny what little thing holds you accountable to your goals. Having the monthly pack makes me make sure I’m working out because that pack should be getting smaller and smaller lol… If I still have too many at the end of one week means I need to get in that gym, I love these!

I love it! Going to buy more

Awesome perfect fit

At first, I thought whatever not gonna work then I used them and wow amazing. I sweated a lot and felt like I had a better workout then before.

Absolutely must buy!!

You wont be disappointed with these Shredskinz sauna tops!!! I love them.


No matter how hard I work out it I hardly break a sweat! Thanks to SHREDSKINZ that all changed! Definitely worth the buy!