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Absolutely love them

They absolutely work and I love them!! Work every penny. Shipping is great and you are going to sweat a lot even if it’s just for a walk!

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Demira Manuel
5 pack review

I love the 5 pack. I love how much I sweat while working out.

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Queen McPhillips
Amazing Product!

Works really well and keeps you sweaty! Definitely purchasing more!


Shredskin are fine took to long to be delivered that can be worked on


I do believe this is a great product but its one size fits all so if you weigh over 300-400lbs it will most likely not fit. I’ll test out this product when i lose more weight and maybe come back to change my review.

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Charles Harper
Not a good batch

This batch was a bit melted when they came him and shrunk

5 stars

Great product, wish the sizing wasn't one size fits all (I'm pretty small), but I still got a GREAT sweat out of it.


I literally just been wearing these to clean around my house and I have been sweating SWEATING pounds off I was supposed to use them to workout have not gained energy for that but have been working just fine cleaning around the house LOVE LOVE LOVE this product

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
jaume williams
Shred Skin💪🏾💪🏾👌🏾👌🏾

I love the Product just think the Shipping is Slow

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Sheila Anderson
1st time buyer

I am so pleased with my purchase and I look forward to ordering more. ShredSkinz you guys “ROCK!”

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Amber Copeland

Adding this to my cardio days has me down 8lbs in two weeks. I am definitely a new LOYAL CUSTOMER, and will switch to the subscription!!!

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Michelle Parker

It really makes you burn and sweat great. I love it❤️

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Elondro Pratt
Good Product

Excellent product ideal if your trying to cut weight before a weigh in

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
SeNeice Welch
Best Sweat Ever

This is perfect. Getting healthy is the goal and y'all this sure does help.

ShredSkinz awesome I give this 5 start

This Shredskinz is know joke, it will make you veat all over it feels like I was in a suana .


I love my sauna suit so much. It helps me drop water weight quickly and helps with bloating. They are amazing!

Awesome sweat

Lobe love love my sweat hoodies I have every color and will be auto shipping soon.. my dilemma is what color to out on autoship🏋🏿‍♀️

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Priscilla Smith
Get these!!!

If you want a complete workout and KNOW that you're working out, you MUST get some Shred Skins. You won't be disappointed!!!

Thank you

Thank you good for they don’t rip but u guys shout make some sweat pants too to add with the sweat suits but I love them thank you

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Jackqueline Williams
Shred 💭

I am impressed it slid right on as a hoodie would I heated up quickly and 💧 as I should ... my thoughts a workout/fitness go to for those that include: sauna/💧 ... 👍

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Dominique Booker
Be prepared to sweat....alot!

This dose the job I sweat soo much can not recommend these enough

Sweat 4Real

Good product. Used for first time during morning workout. The only thing I didn't like was all the sweat gathered in the sleeve at my elbows. I use an elliptical so my arms are 90% in a up position during WO. I probably can just release the water at the wrists by simply opening the sleeve. Will use on my walk next workout day. Thank you

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Kierra Williams
Oh you gon sweat!!

Starts working in minutes. Definitely an A+ for Shredskinz. Oh….STAY HYDRATED!

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Santrecia Williams

Great work out enhancement! I started sweating before my workout. Highly recommended!