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ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Nyazia Rivera
Shredskinz 5 pack

Amazing product ! The amount of sweat it helps produce during my work out is far more than I would get without it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Latoya Howard

Must have

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Marisol Alvarado
Came through drippin!

Within seconds of sliding on my Shredskinz I was getting sticky! 30 minutes into weight training and I was dripping sweat. 1 hour into cardio and I was drowning! I have been on a weightloss journey for a year now and I have never sweat as much as I sweat wearing this!!!!

Happy but?

So I received my first order and I looked like some Stab my package. 3 of the Jackets had holes on them. Didn’t bother to ask for replacements. Hope they see this review and they Reach out to me

Shredskinz review

The product is awesome comfortable and it does what it’s suppose to do make u sweat !!!

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Tashina Bryson
5 pack..

I love these so much!! They work so great I have never sweat this much!

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Jacqueline Rein
Felt amazing to sweat again

I love this product and will continue purchasing it for every workout

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Dmeris Hairston
I love this product

First time ever using a sauna suit and I love how It makes me sweat more and get rid of all that water weight

I love it

I love it will be order ut again

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Dylan Stewart

Pull the trigger, I'm 6'6 450 range only the arms where short is all

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Tanisha Dedmon

Literally love these bags! They are 100 percent effective for weight loss and shredding to tone!

Great product

This product did everything I expected and more. I sweat more than with any other product I have tried.

Straight Fire!!!!

When I say straight fire I mean the cardio workout and the sweat I get it’s godly love it I need to order more, ASAP!!

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Christopher Gipson

I love this sauna Suite! Helps me get rid of my water weight quick and easy. I’m in the army. We get highs and weight randomly and when that happens this suite helps me lose lbs quick. I recommend this

Great product

Works amazing and the service is fast and reliable. Makes my workout 100x more worth it

Sweat comfortable

Shred skins fit bag no checking so it comfortable to wear while you are working out

Sweat your ass off

10/10… you sweat your ass off in these. I saw negative comments about “you can wear a trash bag.” That’s not the same, this skinz is wayyyy different.

Only negative I wish it was like a pack of 10 (it gets a little pricey)

Arnita Blackwell

Great product and I sweat an lose weight.


These are the best.

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Millicent Carter

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)

ShredSkinz™ (5 Pack)
Arnita Blackwell
Happy repeat customer

I have use these for several month with much success on my weight loss journey. Great product an customer service.


Great product, highly recommended. Takes my workout to the next level. Lost 10 lbs since i started using it.


I love the shredskinz they make you sweat without me Ben trying I recommend them to everyone! Ifyour a gym rat or not ❤️❤️

Great !

Worked exactly as I thought it would