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Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Braheem Foster

Shredskinz Sauna Suit

Love em

Thermal Body Wrap

I've used this product and the Sauna sweat Rip it tops that comes in different colors (10) packs and they all are AMAZING. I'll recommend All products to anyone

Love it

Haven’t truly done a workout yet.. but I’m excited to sweat!!!!

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Ronnette Hairston

Shredskinz Sauna Suit

I received it love it

Love it will be ordering more

Love these!!

Love it

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Tashae Jordan

Shredskinz Sauna Suit

Love this and it’s a true one size fits all! Thank you!

I need more

As soon as you put on the Shredskinz Sauna Suit it instantly begins to work, I haven’t started working out. When I am working out it anamazing so what are you waiting for. Stop reading g this so you can place your order.

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Keelan McCullough
Awesome product

A friend told me about these! I tried them out and fell in love! They are a great addition to my workouts! I will continue to order more!!!

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Crystal Wilkerson
I love them

I really enjoy them

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Anthony Alexzander
Not cool

The product itself is god but, its just like all the other ones out there. Walmart has the same set but different company brand name printed on it and it was $2 cheaper and there's no LONG 2 week shipping wait. The WIT to get the product is too long!! However, seeing it's drop-shipped from China that explains a lot. Just wish the company was honest about where the product is coming from. I would've saved some change and went to Walmart where I could've got it $2 cheaper and had it right away. Will I buy again? Yes. But, elsewhere as it's cheaper from walmart and with no shipping issues. A business can't thrive if they're having issues like this. Your product itself was fine. But, needs to be cheaper since other places now have the very quality of product and cheaper. PLUS, they also don't have the serious problem with shipping. Shipping wait was a huge problem and not just for me. ( I paid my fighters to try it out too and they all had the same issues. smh!) My advice: Be honest with your customers where the product is coming from and shipped from. Honesty in business is a big deal. I'll be buying my wrap from walmart next time around. It's cheaper and I don't have to wait 2 weeks to get the product. That was ridiculous. Thanks. Your one-time customer, Anthony.

Best sweat suit

This had me drenched during my work out I was honestly not expecting it to work that good and I loved the fact that after I could just tear it off and throw it in the trash no cleaning up afterwards besides my self lol

Work well plan on ordering more !

Shredskinz Sauna Suit
Michelle Ottley

It really works I love it we all in the gym wear it to workout it very light

Awesome I love it

It works

I guess it works lol

Never received my package.

Shredskinz Sauna Suit

Never delivered!

I am waiting for a response as my pa kage qas not delivered